Let’s Get Messy

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Hey you. Yes, you.

Welcome to the mess

Motherhood is hard. Life is messy. But that doesn't mean it can't be joyful! It's joyful AND everything else at the same time. Shed the guilt and embrace the chaos.

This is a safe space for all mothers and mother-figures who:
* save the BS and also genuinely care
* can't get out of bed and also want to feel better
* fiercely love their kids but they also drive them insane
* don't know wtf they're doing but also give amazing advice
* need a village and need time alone
* are great listeners but also need a shoulder to cry on
* are sometimes hypocritical and also want to change
* feel totally at peace or feel like they're drowning
* are high-functioning or losing their shit

We often experience many of these simultaneously. This is a place for all mothers who are ready to be honest about the good, the bad, the meaningful and the messy.

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